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New Shirts For Franklin

Converted from GTAV Lamar Davis

New Shirts For Franklin New Shirts For Franklin Reviewed by M.T.H GTAMODS/TUTORIALS on 01:02:00 Rating: 5


  1. looks nice! :D
    it very suits him
    rockstar should add it into normal game...
    (downgrade found xD)

  2. hey maybe you can add more clothes for michael?
    im using michael player img cuz i have three protagonists mod by in45do that adds 3 characters cj is michael so i would want more clothes like robbing bags beta clothes etc could you try to add something more? in game for michael theres a lot of unused clothing like baseball cap
    bugstar cap
    and i would want gloves for hands (replace tattoos) and also the juggernaut armor for michael from you player.img the top and lower is other than in game
    i think that you used the suit from that mission with towtruck / trashmaster and security van (the one of heists) btw would be cool if you would add bugstar suit to you player.img bugstar cap (unused) and bugstar gas mask :D


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