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New clothes for HD CJ (coming Soon)

Hey guys, I've been working on this for past two weeks, I'm trying to convert Franklin's clothes to GTA SA HD CJ.
Subscribe to my youtbe channel and stay tuned,I will be uploading preview video soon :D

Stay blessed, Peace! 

New clothes for HD CJ (coming Soon) New clothes for HD CJ (coming Soon) Reviewed by M.T.H GTAMODS/TUTORIALS on 07:27:00 Rating: 5


  1. Great Job man. I love all your skins. Im currently porting your HD CJ to mobile. It is for private use untill I can get your permission man. I love it. Hope the new clothes will be awesome, and I can add them. Keep it up👍

  2. Sure bro, I would like to upload it on my blog :)
    Can you tell me how did you learn it?
    Is there​are tutorials about converting pc mods to mobile?

    1. MTH. Can you talk private with me in Hangouts? If I tell here then everyone will know the secret to porting every skin you make.

    2. Okay, what about Facebook? My user name is "mth mth mth"


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